Pavel Šimerda

Independent open source software consultant working with software developers and system administrators. I work with a wide range of companies from small business to corporations. My specialization is software development tools and network configuration software.


Pavel Šimerda
Na Folimance 2155/15,
120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady, Czech Republic
Identification No.: 76220508

About me

My primary focus is open source software development, consultancy and training. I'm interested in software development, testing and advanced debugging. I'm coding mostly in C and Python. My other interests are linux distribution build systems and infrastructure and network configuration software.

I have experience in software development, testing and debugging. I spoke at a number of open source conferences and I consider myself part of the wider open source development community and network configuration community in particular. I work primarily on Gentoo linux but I have experience with all sorts of binary linux distributions and some BSD.

I'm used to working with other people on the same level as well as leading, mentoring and training other people in various open source technologies including but not excluding C, Python, Git and kernel application and networking features.

Consulting and training services

I offer training and services in software development and partially also Linux system and network administration. Most of my customers order courses in English and some of them know me from international conferences in Europe. I also offer courses in Czech as an alternative.

I offer software development courses in Python and C and version control in Git. I specialize development for Linux operating systems focused on advanced debugging, bug analysis, system and network development and software packinging for Linux distributions.

I am active in various open source projects. I am inclined to Gentoo and Alpine Linux distributions. I gathered part of my experience during my work for Red Hat where I focused on network development projects featuring also IPv6 and DNSSEC but also during collaboration with various internet service providers that I supported with my knowledge of dynamic routing using OSPF and BGP.